Luxury camping? Let me introduce you Glamping!

There are always some new trends in the travel industry. One of the newest its called Glamping. If you want to know what does it mean and how you can try it just continue reading.

The way how we travel it’s different every year. The latest is accommodation in the form of glamping.  It will undoubtedly become more and more popular in the current situation and also after the coronary crisis.  Some people no longer enjoy top hotels. They are looking for adventure and exactly for them, there is glamping.

The name glamping originated from the longer name glamorous camping, and it is simply luxury camping.  Staying in a camp is not a sign of any low-cost trip. Some glamping accommodations can accommodate nights in several-star hotels, or even exceed the amount per night in a luxury hotel.

It is a stay in authentic nature but in a comfortable and often very luxurious accommodation. Glamping is thus an ideal solution for those who love nature, but still like to indulge in comfort and luxury.

Let’s see The most beautiful luxury campsites in the world

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp Morocco 

If it has always been your dream to spend a night in the desert in the middle of nowhere, you will definitely like this luxury camp in the Sahara desert in Morocco. Tents surrounded by sand dunes and silence. There is also an accompanying program within the accommodation: a camel ride that will take you to watch the sunset. 

Eco Camp Torres del Paine Chile

This beautiful campsite in the middle of Chilean Patagonia is enchanting. Untouched nature and beautiful interior are an experience of a lifetime. This accommodation is not heated or equipped with electricity. However, each dome is equipped with a skylight, which offers a fascinating view not only of the night sky.

Shinta Mani Wild-Siem Reap Cambodia 

Tents in the heart of nature, which are surrounded by waterfalls and a flowing river. The area is full of wildlife, which is why watching elephants, bears, or gibbons under the supervision of an experienced guide is a popular activity.

Three hotel Sweeden

A group of tree houses that lie only 50 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. The owners have created several tree houses here, each different. A transparent cube that adapts to nature, a bird’s nest, or a UFO? It’s up to you in which house you spend the night. This place is also great for watching the aurora borealis.