Ho-Ho-Holiday Collection!

It may not be Christmas yet but, Kylie already gave them to us. Her holiday collection is all about the Christmas and everything related. Two KyShadows palettes. Nice is a pretty angel, who wants just to make everyone happy. Soft natural colors and shimmers. Naughty, on the other hand, that’s a little devil on your shoulder. Darker colors include one true emerald for your eyes so you can achieve the most real evil look.

we can’t wait for the Naughty & Nice Palettes to launch next Wednesday …. ???

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To each palette, there’s a lip set, to make your look complete and perfect. Sugar for your divine soul with 2 glosses, 2 mates, and a velvet. Spicy for your wicked mind with 2 glosses, 2 velvets, and one matte. Of course. No Christmas without red lip kit. This time it’s the brightest red in velvet formula will perfectly look on family photos.

Don’t forget to give a little shine to your cheekbones with Wet Set where you can choose from 4 shades. To all this, you get very chick emerald KylieCosmetics make-up bag for all your KyShadows, Mattes, Velvets, Glosses or anything you want. So until next launch makeup lovers.