Katerina Leroy Is A Winner of World Bloggers Awards 2020

The World Influencers and Bloggers Association (WIBA) held its second World Bloggers Awards this December. The WIBA’s annual celebration of prominent influencers, bloggers, content creators, and online activists was kicked off by a virtual announcement of the winners, the ceremony having been delayed due to Covid-19 concerns. An in-person award ceremony will be held in Cannes in 2021. The WIBA is an organization dedicated to the growth and betterment of online opinion leaders. A rare central hub for the generally decentralized ranks of influencers and bloggers, the WIBA pushes online creators to use their platforms to make a difference. In 2019 they ran several campaigns, including supporting World Autism Awareness Day and Earth Day. The efforts of WIBA associates helped share pro-neurodiversity and responsible waste disposal messages to a combined audience of nearly 300 million people. Social Justice advocacy is an integral function of the WIBA, who’s agenda includes topics like human rights, social mobility, and environmental protection.

Katerina Leroy

Katerina Leroy, a recipient of a 2020 World Bloggers Award, has mastered the art of advertising. She is a strong believer in the value of luxury items, and uses her Instagram to share every kind of beauty the world has to offer. Katerina has attracted an audience of like-minded individuals who admire her eye for the finer things in life. The products she chooses to advertise on her Instagram are unique, classy, and undeniably high-quality; however, while the presentation itself may look effortless, the process is anything but. As an emerging entrepreneur in an insecure industry, Katerina has to rely on her natural business-savviness and charisma to navigate the complicated world of social media. She has turned herself into a successful business woman through determination and discipline. That being said, her being naturally photogenic certainly didn’t hurt. In the image below, Katerina poses with her WIBA award in a red V-neck dress from Hugo Boss. The dress features a back-neck tie detail, slitted sleeves and sides, and a wrap-effect waistline. The photograph was taken by renowned photographer Sebastian Schulz, whose notable collections include capturing the rising tensions in the Chinese/Hong Kong conflict.

Katerina’s content, and the message of carefully portioned indulgence she embodies, is particularly appealing during Coronavirus; It’s unsurprising that people would enjoy the escapist undertones even more during quarantine. The products selected for advertisement are notable because of their duality – they are both practical and elegant in design. Much like the award itself, Katerina only presents herself to her audience alongside items of worth.

Image sources:
Photo: Sebastian Schulz
Hair & Make-up: Svetlana Süßbauer
Dress: Hugo Boss