Flavio Briatore: A man with a successful career

Flavio Briatore was a ski instructor, a restaurant manager, an insurance salesman, a director of the Benetton’s brand American operations, a managing director of Renault F1 team and even more so we can definitely say that his life is interesting.

During his Formula One career, he was known for being a great talent scout. One of the greatest talents he has found was Fernando Alonso, two times World Champion.

Briatore has been around F1 for a long time and even after he finished that part of his career he still wants to see F1 provide better entertainment. Since 1994 he has had a lot of statements about how the F1 should work and what is wrong with it. “All the team owners are oriented towards the technical side rather than the entertainment side, and this is a big fault. Every meeting that I go to, people are talking about pistons and suspensions. Nobody goes to a race to see that kind of thing. People come to see Schumacher and Senna racing each other. The people in charge should be businessmen, as they are in Hollywood, not ex-engineers. Nothing costs more and delivers less entertainment than hidden technology. And that’s what engineers love most of all,” he said.

After the F1, he has developed a portfolio of business interests. He founded the Billionaire brand, opened a restaurant in London or even joined as co-owner of England’s football club QPR.

He still is a successful businessman and we are sure that will not change.