McLaren Senna: Track-focused hypercar with a limited production

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McLaren is back with something special. By that, I mean a stunning hypercar, Senna. It’s the most track-focused road car they have ever built and it’s said to set the fastest lap times of any McLaren. Inspired by one of McLaren’s best drivers Ayrton Senna, the hypercar is made to deliver the most intense driving experience around the circuit. Of course, you can drive it on road, but believe me when I say the full power of this beast is seen only at the circuit. The car production is limited to only 500 cars and if you want one, I’ve got a bad news for you, they have already sold all of them.

Ultra-lightweight construction, carbon fiber chassis and body panels ensures it’s the lightest vehicle they have ever built since the iconic McLaren F1.

4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with the power of 789 HP and torque of 800 Nm will make the ride even more entertaining.

By the look of the design, we can see that McLaren wanted to make something that looks aggressive, something that looks like it can only win and never loses.


I am really impressed by this car. The design, the performance and the story behind it. It all only makes the car greater.