George & Amal Clooney sending a thank you note to “Eliza Dolittle”

Changing diapers, child’s screams, restless nights. Typical family life with children is something new for both George and Amal Clooney who are raising their six-months old twins.

On Christmas Eve, they took a little break and went to The Mill at Sonning in England to see a village production „My Fair Lady“ performed in small theatre in Berkshire not far from their countryside home.

Having the famous couple in the audience lead the cast to give the best performance, especially the actress Bethan Nash who played the leading role as Eliza Dolittle – the Cockney – speaking flower girl and it seems the hard work was worth it. She received a touching note from George and Amal saying: “Amal and I wanted to thank you for a fantastic night of theater. We loved every minute of it. You were all so wonderful. My extended family (half of Beirut) loved it too. Thank you and have a great run. Love George & Amal.” Together with the note of thanks, the actress obtained a bouquet of flowers.

Bethan posted a photo on her Instagram captioned: “This is better than fairy dust! A letter and flowers from George and Amal Clooney! Thank you!!!”

It’s so motivating to know that successful people like this aren’t ashamed to show their appreciation and we are happy to see the two enjoying their night out together.