7th Annual Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala

The annual benefit event was held at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, California last weekend and on a yearly basis helped to support J/P Haitian Relief Organization.

Who attended the charity event?

Dylan Penn came to support her dad’s (Sean Penn) gala.

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington

Emilia wore red blouse and skirt by Elie Saab.

After a while of absence at Hollywood events, Brad Pitt finally appeared and showed how big fan of TV series “Game of Thrones” he is. In an auction that started at $20, 000, he offered $120, 000 to watch an episode with main characters Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington. However, he was outbid by another auctioneer who offered $160, 000 and ended the auction.

Leonardo di Caprio also attended and he was a guest of honor. DiCaprio and Sean Penn are close friends. Penn formed his own charitable organization after destructive earthquake in 2010 in Haiti and as a result, thousands of country’s inhabitants became homeless. Penn said: “As much as anyone, the inspiration for me was from Leo DiCaprio.” Leo offered $80, 000 for a painting by Josh Smith in the auction but was outbid by Emilia Clarke with $90, 000.

Other attendees included Allison Williams, Ricky Van Veen or Sofia Boutella who performed a dancing show.