Welcome on board!

Chrissy Teigen celebrated her birthday last night and it was one big throwback to ’60s golden days. Her Pan-Am flight list included all her star-friends and family. Chrissy and Kim both choose pink skirt suits, Chrissy in hot pink with black gloves, beret, and dotted scarf. Kim in baby pink channelled Jackie with her hair brushed back, oversized sunglasses. She’s ready to be the first lady. They played bingo which won our candidate running for president in 2020, the one and only, Kanye West.

The in-flight menu was just as exclusive as passengers on board. If you want to chill out for a while after Nintendo Super Mario birthday cake, you can read some of the vintage magazines. Or you can just go and dance it off. You can even take a mic and sing along just like Chrissy’s husband John Legend did. Teigen throw it really good. Happy birthday, mom-to-be and beware of those (fake) cigarettes.

The best bday party I've ever forced anyone to throw me.??? Thanks to everyone who came ready w polyester prints, bubblegum cigarettes and 60s-acceptable sexual innuendos. I really love you guys. I feel like a very lucky 32yr old girl for so many reasons. Thanks @chefemklein for making one of theeeee best meals I've ever had (on both the ground and in the sky), the team at Lip Sync Battle for making my Bingo dreams come true, @panamexperience for truly having the most entertaining crew imaginable, and my husband for indulging me in every way possible. Everything is better with you and Lu. Well, not everything is better with Lu… honestly kids can kinda be a buzzkill sometimes. But we won't tell her and I'll delete this before she can read. ?✈️???‍✈️??

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