Nikki Beach: Celebrities who have visited the paradise

We already know that Nikki Beach is a synonym for paradise. We also know that their hotels and resorts or beach clubs are more special than most of the other ones. When I hear Nikki Beach I imagine the fun people must have there and the relaxing atmosphere. Every time I hear the name of this brand, I want to be there and I bet you feel the same. We are not the only ones who feel that way. Some huge names, celebrities from all over the world love the time they spend there and they love to come back.

John Legend, the holder of several Grammy awards, Golden Globe, Academy and Hal David Starlight award. The singer, songwriter, musician, actor and most of all a great talent with a big heart. He was a special guest that Nikki Beach had proudly welcomed on the last year’s New Year’s Eve.

Paris Hilton and Joe Fournier also enjoyed their stay at Nikki Beach.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez walked the red carpet at the grand opening of Nikki Beach at Tropicana.

I’m not going to talk about every celebrity who has been there because there are a lot of them. And I’m not really surprised. I mean, Nikki Beach really is a paradise. Believe me when I say that it’s not just some kind of place. Nikki Beach is a lifestyle.