Floyd Mayweather: The unbeaten legend

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The man whos name will be written in history, the world’s most famous boxer who never had the feeling of being defeated during his professional boxing career, the man who won 50 fights and never lost, the holder of multiple world titles. His name is Floyd Mayweather and he is a LEGEND!

Boxing has been a huge part of his life since his childhood. It was his dream when he was a little boy and now it’s a reality.

In Floyd’s amateur boxing career he had a great record of 84-4. He won Golden Gloves more than once, ended up with a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics so we can without a doubt say that he had a great time during his amateur career.

He had his first professional boxing career fight in 1996 and yes, he won. In 1998 Floyd won his first world title and since then he was just playing his game. And he was and still is good at it. I mean, 50-0 is a praiseworthy record, isn’t it? 27 fights won by knockout and 23 by decision.

His last fight against Conor McGregor got him to 50 wins in a row (and also a lot of money). We are curious if there is going to be another fight. We are more than sure that if there is going to be another, it’s going to be another win for Floyd no matter who it will be against.

People also call him “Money”. Why ? Because he was a highest-paid athlete in the world for a long years and we believe that is not going to change.

He has got residences that are worth millions, more than a lot of impressive cars (and powerful) and a great taste in fashion.

They also call him money because he is a great businessman. One fight means a lot of millions for him. He is a winner even if he loses which is of course not going to happen.

Every other boxer dreams of fighting against Floyd. Why? The reason is simple. They will get a chance to defeat Floyd and they will get enough money to be happy for the rest of their lifes.

Floyd Mayweather is not here to dissapoint us. He is a brand…a high-quality brand.