Kar-Jenner X-Mas

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Why have only one Christmas card when you can have 25? From 1st December Christmas morning had been members of KarJenner family posting photos from their series 25 days of Christmas taken by Eli Russel Limetz.

On the photos we can see all children: Mason, Penelope, North, Reign, Saint and also Dream.

Everyone was dressed up in white denim combination. The background was white as well. On some photos, we can see Christmas tree and on others wrapped presents. And that’s how it all started. Little Saint in the middle of presents on one side and on the other part of the Christmas tree.

Day 5: we see Saint again holding one of the presents. It’s because he was born 5th Dec. Kourtney’s boys share the birthdate and it’s 14th Dec. Children playing, adults having fun, moms watching over daughters, you can see and even feel the love and happiness from all photos. Family may have fights, and disagreements through the year but at Christmas it’s just the right time to forget all the disagreements and fights, to remember the good things, enjoy each others company and to be with the loving family.