They Are Young, Super-famous And Super-rich…They Are RICH KIDS!

If you are an Instagram user (and I bet you are), you must have come across some of these profiles that boast about great pics, fancy toys, expensive clothes, tigers as pets, vacations and super “easy” life.

These accounts belong to a group of people called “Rich Kids”. These fellows are mostly children of very rich and successful people. They are born to parents that can manage and fix up anything. They have everything they need (and don’t need), they have access nearly everywhere and can afford anything they look at. And this is pretty cool!

The Instagram accounts where the rich reveal their wealth are categorized according to the location they are situated and based, for example, The Rich Kids of London, The Rich Kids of Switzerland, The Rich Kids of Dubai and so on.

The term “Rich Kids” may be for some offensive or inappropriate, it can evoke envy and resentment and others are maybe angry with it when they see a life of people that have stacks of money. BUT! For us, it’s a big inspiration. It’s motivating to see all of it. There’s nothing wrong about showing the wealthy life. After all, we are doing the same, aren’t we? So let’s stop be envious and affronted and let’s rather get inspired and encouraged!