Rich people love to buy expensive things

There are two kinds of millionaires. There are those who rather invest their money than spend them and then there are those who want to enjoy the luxury the most.

Both of these strategies are good but now I want to talk about the ones who like to spend them. Buying private islands, more than two properties or golden spoons…that’s a real meaning of living a luxurious lifestyle.

I mean, imagine yourself waking up wanting a Batmobile and just going out to get one because why not? That must be great! And I wasn’t only joking with that Batmobile. It really happened. See for yourself.

In 2013, Rick Champagne, a businessman, and car collector offered a lot of money at the auction for the original 1966 Batmobile. How much did it cost him? More than $4 million. To be precise, it cost him $4,620,000 million which is a lot for a car. But it’s not just a car so…

Let’s say that you can choose to have one huge mansion or more than a lot of houses all around the world. Before you make your decision, let me explain what a HUGE mansion is. 24 bathrooms (I beg your pardon, but who needs TWENTY-FOUR bathrooms?), 7 bedrooms, a 2,500 square-foot gym, a 1,000 square-foot dining room, an elevator (because it’s really huge and it can be quite exhausting to get from the top floor to the bottom floor) a 2,300 square-foot reception hall and even more…Bill Gates chose the huge mansion, what will you choose?

There are all kinds of people and all of us would spend even billions to get what we want, wouldn’t we?