The Sultan of Brunei: Rich car collector who really means it

There are collectors at every corner. There are those who collect things which are not expensive and easy to get and then there are those who must have money (a lot of money) to get what they want to collect. By that, I mean collecting cars, boats or even WW2 planes.

Owning a car is great, owning two or three cars is even greater. But what word would you use to describe how great it is to own 7,000 (more or less) cars? I can’t even imagine a place where would that many cars be stored.

Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, is one of the richest royals in the world and also an insanely big car collector. Like I said, he has got at least 7,000 (nobody knows the exact number) luxury, vintage and concept cars. Some automobile brands like Mercedes made special one-of-a-kind cars for him. So you’re asking what cars does he own? Well, he has got over 600 Rolls Royce’s, over 450 Ferrari’s, over 200 BMW’s, more than 130 Koenigsegg’s and a lot more.

Owning a Rolls Royce is great, but not as great as owning a Rolls Royce decorated with an undisclosed amount of 24-karat gold. If you think $2 million is a lot for a car, I want to know what you think about a car worth of $15 million.

The Sultan of Brunei must really like Rolls Royce’s. This one is from the year 1934 and it has the value of $14 million.

Some of his special cars are:

Ferrari Mythos

Bentley Java

Porsche Carma

He is a real car lover, we can definitely say that. My only question is where does he store so many cars and what is he doing with them because I don’t think there is enough time to drive 7,000 cars.