Kylie Jenner is preparing us for the spring/summer season

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In September 2015 Kylie launched her first matt lip kits. It didn’t take long and she has become a beauty mogul. Highly pigmented liquid lipsticks came out in many colours, from perfect nude tones to bright reds or even blues for the Day of Independence. The youngest from Kar-Jenner clan didn’t stop there. First, she added metal finish to her mattes. Glosses ‘Like’, ‘Literally’, and ‘So Cute’ were announced with a gangster video. Velvet formula is a little hybrid between matt and creme lipsticks and it is perfect for you if you don’t like drying formula. But don’t be afraid. KingK hasn’t forgotten the rest of the face. KyShadows, Créme shadows, KyLiners, Blushes, KyLighters, Créme Lipsticks, Concealers, and Brushes. With the collaborations with her sisters Khloé and Kim and all her holiday and birthday collections, she created her very unique brand that keeps growing.

Jan. 23 Kylie launched her next KyShadow pallet with nine beautiful shades. Blue Honey includes this combo: ‘Raw’ – matte creamy beige, ‘Buzz Off’ – metallic champagne taupe, ‘Sweet Like Honey’ – soft warm orange, ‘Bumble’ – metallic warm yellow gold, ‘Blue Honey’ – matte deep seafoam green, ‘Royal Jelly’ – metallic teal blue with gold duochrome, ‘Busy Bee’ – matte warm terracotta, ‘Sweet Thing’ – metallic warm terracotta, ‘Honey Moon’ – matte warm chocolate. Along with this new palette comes four new velvets. ‘Vibe’, ‘Moon’, ‘Shook’, and ‘Heat’ are their names. They are all warm with various undertones. Their package is little pimped up because this time the logo on the box is velvet as well. The palette box is matching with the name of the palette and we can find little honeycombs inside. We love this launch. The palette has perfect colours for the days as they are getting longer again. Your eyes will be the perfect match for your simple or wild outfits. Now we have Nicol Concilio here with her video.