Celebrities and their yachts

We already know that celebrities and rich people love to buy high-end cars, mansions etc. But what some of them also love is to buy yachts. Everyone knows that yachts are made for people who got a lot of money. They offer privacy, luxury and a lot of fun if you got a party on a yacht. I’ve made a list of famous celebrities who own or owned a yacht.

Rafael Nadal (Beethoven)

Rafael Nadal is a successful professional tennis player, currently ranked world number one. Like every other athlete, he needs to relax after a game and like everyone, he’s got his own way to do that. His is to go to his home island Mallorca and visit his lovely yacht called Beethoven.

To a question of how is he using his yacht, he answered: “Lots of different ways. Even in the winter, for example, I finish training at three in the afternoon and I say “OK, I’ve done enough”. I check the weather and if the conditions are good I say to my captain “Let’s go!” and we spend the afternoon on the water. I put my neoprene on and go snorkeling in the bay, I have dinner and sleep on board. The next day, early in the morning, I come back to port and head to training. I do that a lot. When I have more time I love to go for whole weekends or even for a whole week. But I’ve only had the chance to do this once or twice.”

We can definitely say that he loves his yacht and that he enjoys every single moment spent on it.

Steve Jobs (Venus)

CEO of Apple Steve Jobs had big plans and one of them was to enjoy his free time on a superyacht called Venus. It was designed by a design company Ubik and believe me when I say that it looks gorgeous. I’m going to say that it’s extremely high-tech and looks like no other yacht. It’s covered in glass and it makes you feel very luxurious.

For your information, it still belongs to Steve Jobs’ family.

Giorgio Armani (Main)

Even Giorgio Armani, world’s famous fashion designer sometimes needs to forget about work. His superyacht Main helps him to do that. If you ask me what I think about the design of Main, I will tell you one thing. It looks just like the design of his brand Armani. GORGEOUS! I can totally feel the elegance and luxury just by looking at the photos of this beauty.

By looking at these photos of all of these yachts, I’ve got a feeling I fell in love with them. They just look great, don’t they?