What Are Rich Kids Girls Driving? Porsche, Ferrari or Maserati?

We all know that cars are the domain of men. But getting from point A to point B in an appropriate way is important not only for Kens but also for our Barbies, especially when dragging all the expensive and heavy boxes and bags with clothes, shoes, make-up stuff, jewellery and who knows what else. Anyway, let’s have a look if rich kids ladies have the highest quality, comfort, and safety ensured.

Sofia Bogdana….one Bentley, please!

Angela Martini…just a small wedding gift…

My husband keep surprising me every day! I love you!❤️ #myweddinggift?

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…and one G-class AMG for birthday (just in case Bentley doesn’t correspond with dress colour)

…my kind of breakfast…

Diana Dollmatova, Chanel and Mercedes-Benz

And what happens when rich girls meet on the road?