Kylie Jenner has got more money than her other family members!

There is a lot of news about Kylie Jenner lately. We already know that she gave a birth to her first child but we still don’t know what her name is. There are a lot of predictions but none of them are confirmed…yet.

Kylie is also known for her makeup empire and it’s said that it will be worth of $1 billion by 2022. Currently, Kylie is worth of $386 million which is more than all of her siblings have and in her own words, she is only starting! “I haven’t even dipped my toes in yet. There are so many products that I have yet to do. That will take years,” she said. She has already made her brand very famous all over the world and she assures us that we will see more. A lot more!

We wish Kylie a lot of luck in her life and with her brand and we are looking forward to what she’s going to suprise us with next!