Expensive Cars, Dresses, and Vacations: Flashy Lifestyle of Nikoleta Lozanova

She is more than beautiful, has a perfect figure and really knows how to enjoy her fairytale life. We are talking about Nikoleta Lozanova, Bulgarian Playmate of the year 2006.

This goddess was married to Bulgarian Manchester City striker Valeri Bojinov until 2015 and they have 5-year old daughter Nicole together. One period she was linked with Cristiano Ronaldo as his girlfriend.


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Nikoleta is a successful model and she is one of the women included in Coed Magazine ranking of ’60 blue-eyed, black-haired beauties’. Other women mentioned in the ranking are for example Megan Fox, Katy Perry or Liv Tyler.


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The brunette is 30 years old but she looks like just twenty and she definitely doesn’t look like she ever gave birth to a child. Nikoleta works hard and she takes care of herself and it reflects on her appearance. She has a body that most of us girls can only dream of and is not ashamed to show it. She regularly shares with the world stunning pictures on her social media.

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