Best Celebrity Transformations: The Evolution of The Style of Yeezy

Honestly, does this legend even need an introduction?! It seems that wherever we go, people are just in awe of Kanye’s life, music, and style. Not to mention, the enormous craze his clothing line and shoe collection YEEZY SUPPLY and YEEZY BOOST have caused. Kanye has always been one of the most iconic artists whose personal style inspired many. However, even his style went over the years through some transformations.

Debut of 2005

Kanye’s style during his break-through debut in 2005 consisted out of mostly preppy plaid sweaters and polo shirts which he always dressed down with funky accessories like chains, glasses, and pairs of trendy kicks. He didn’t experiment much with crazy haircuts, keeping his cut fresh and short.

Kanye West at the early stages of his career in 2005
Kanye West at the early stages of his career in 2005


The 2007 or the so-called era of shutter shades came in. Day or night, Kanye swore by them and wore them literally everywhere, but so did we right?! Even if you’re guilt free for never owning a pair, you can’t deny that Kanye was the IT fashion icon of the year. His fashion choices continued to be bold and colorful and he was always spotted wearing the latest jewelry trends. He also went through a phase of shaved in hair prints.

Kanye West at the peak of 2007
Kanye West at the peak of 2007


As of 2010, Kanye gradually shifted to more casual street wear outfits. Despite his changing preference for more comfortable clothing, some of his favorite pieces became fur coats, leather pants and layered chains and necklaces. The color scheme of his outfits changed and became more neutral and he completely stopped with the hair experimenting.

Kanye West's signature style in 2010
Kanye West’s signature style in 2010

The Yeezy Season of 2015

2015 was one of the most successful years of Kanye’s fashion career. He entered the fashion world with the launch of his first sneaker collaboration with Adidas, the YEEZY Boost collection. People loved Kanye’s designs and style so much that they’ve started copying almost everything he wore. Some of his favorite statement pieces included camo and denim jackets, ripped jeans and versatile t-shirts.

Kanye West Street Wear 2015
Kanye West Street Wear 2015


Most of Kanye’s latest style choices have been transferred into his YEEZY clothing collections which became extremely popular. The basic neutral staple pieces he sports in his streetwear outfits are the “hot stuff” of the trendiest fashionistas. On top of everything, Kanye lately enjoys wearing his own merch that not only promotes well his fashion line but also helps to sell his music and albums.

Kanye West Most Recently
Kanye West most recently