Best Celebrity Transformations: Keeping Up With the Momager

Where would be the pop culture without Kris Jenner?! The one and only momager who brought all of her 6 kids to fame, money and an enormous success. Not only is she a clever businesswoman who has a nose for lucrative opportunities but also a fashionista sporting the latest trends of high-end designers. No matter if it’s a red carpet appearance or a casual stroll around Calabasas, she always looks tip-top. We’ve been able to Keep Up With Kris’s style evolution for almost over two decades now.

The 1990s

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the 90s Kris was already a mom of 4, her style was incredibly fashionable and she definitely followed the latest trends. On many occasions, especially during red carpet events, she adored accessorizing her outfits with statement jewelry. Her closet was really colorful filled with many animal and geometric prints. She usually kept her make-up very classic preferring a bold red lip instead of heavy eye makeup. As for the hair, her iconic black short-cut started to take shape throughout this decade.

Kris Jenner early and late 1990s

2000 – 2007

At the kick-off of the Kardashian ”kraze” Kris debuted very youthful laid-back look. Some of her staple pieces were eye-catching dresses with large prints which she continued to style with massive jewelry. One of her ultimate favorites was a cross necklace that she wore almost in every episode of KUWTK.

Kris Jenner at the beginnings of KUWTK
Kris Jenner at the beginnings of KUWTK

Mid 2010

Circa mid-2010 Kris begun to grow out her hair and her hairstyle gained a lot of volume. Clothing-wise some of her favorite items continued to be dresses, blazers and easily wearable accessories like pumps, watches, and clutch bags.

Kris Jenner Red Carpet appearances in 2010


Kris’s styling dramatically changed during the period of 2015. She started preferring more elegant and timeless pieces. By combining mostly black color and leather, her style gained more edge. Balmain also became one of her go-to designers since she was quite often spotted in the brand’s couture.

Kris Jenner dressed in Balmain

Latest of Kris

Today, Kris’s wardrobe consists mostly out of luxurious materials and high-end brands.She keeps her accessorizing very subtle. However, she isn’t afraid to experiment with colors and different cuts, keeping her appearance fresh and youthful. Lately, she’s been also experimenting with hair colors and wigs, switching between her typical black color and bleached blonde, which suits her perfectly!


Kris Jenner’s latest style