Victoria Silvstedt: A Model Who Loves To Be A Woman In Men’s World

Today we’ve been honored to make an interview with world-known model, actress, singer, and TV personality. We would like to introduce you a master in multitasking with activities on a scale from modeling and singing to downhill skiing. We are talking about Victoria Silvstedt, a woman of many faces who fully enjoys her life.

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Q: To begin with, Victoria you’re a WOW woman! You literally represent ‘Girl Power’. You are a model, an actress, you’ve attended many reality shows, you’re a former playmate and Miss Sweden 1993 and you also represented your home country (Sweden) in the Miss World Beauty pageant. For someone, it could be unimaginable to catch up with all of this. Have you always been this active?

Growing up I was always doing a lot of sports activities like skiing, hockey, and basketball with the guys. I also had horses and was competing jumping at an early age. I also started to compete in  downhill skiing at age 5 until a bad fall at a Swedish championship downhill race when I was 17, so I have always been competitive and ready for a challenge. My mother then had enough and sent a photo to the Miss Sweden pageant and the rest is history!

Q: Going back to your childhood, you loved horseback riding, alpine skiing and wanted to become a veterinarian. Are you still keen on these activities or it was just something you liked to do in past?

I still ski a lot and my favorite place in the world is in Courchevel (French Alps). Just got back from a ski week. Horseback riding doesn’t happen that often since I live in NY and Monaco with lots of traveling in between.

Q: As you entered the world of high-fashion, you started to work with different luxury fashion brands like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy or Valentino. You certainly understand fashion. Have you ever wondered to become this kind of a fashion designer?

I designed a few dresses for a Swedish departement store called “Sisters” where my victoria dresses sold out fast. I love fashion and design and love feminine sexy classy dresses. Why not more designing in the future…

Q: You walked in various fashion shows as well as you appeared in many photo shoots for covers, campaigns, and advertisements. Which one do you prefer? Running the catwalk or being photoshoot?

I enjoyed doing fashion shows when I was young. Now I prefer photo shoots! I liked the most doing live television. I was on French TV for 7 years where I co-hosted many shows for TF1. I even had my own show on Eurosport’s called “Sports by Victoria” and of course I enjoyed my reality show for E! Entertainment Victoria “My Perfect Life”.

Q: You’ve been featured on hundreds of magazines covers. How do you feel when you see yourself on the front page?

It’s always surreal. Just shot a cover a few months ago for a fashion lifestyle magazine with Chopard Haute jewelry and couture dresses from Elie Saab. Those  are the shoots I get excited over now. All the men’s magazine shoots I’m definitely done with!

Q: What do you consider as your biggest career achievement that you are the proudest of?

I’m proud that I was able to learn French very quick and to host and present TV shows in France and learned Italian to star in various films and TV shows!

Q: You have set up your own lingerie collection Very Victoria Silvstedt by Marie Meili. Are you planning to extend your brand also in other areas like cosmetics or clothes?

I licensed my name for the collection and I help with the design. I love swimwear so maybe another one in the future… I now have a line of Prosecco sparkling wine in my name “Victoria”.

Q: You are very busy, you work so hard and you have so many interests, activities, hobbies and you still look fantastic and relaxed. How do you do it? Do you have any advice for us?

I’m very positive and social. I’m involved in a lot of charities and of course, I love to travel. I stay active with Pilates or power walks and eat as organic as I can – as little preserved food as possible. But I do like to have fun and enjoy as well! It’s about to find the BALANCE!

Q: With the number of your activities, I must ask, what motivates you to continue in all of it? Do you have any favorite one?

Pilates, skiing…

Q: Have you attended or are you planning to attend any of Fashion Weeks this year? If yes, which one and what do you think about the collection?

I will go to Paris for 2 days for the prêt-a porter shows. I love Balmain and can’t wait to see the show!

Q: Do you have any next career goals that you would like to share with us?

I’m a full-time trader, very active in forex so I’m constantly following the news all day, it’s so exciting . Have been doing it for 7 years already. I also do a lot of financial TV shows talking about trading, EFN in Sweden and also Saxobank TV. It’s a men’s world but I love it !!

It was a great time doing this interview with you. We wish you a lot of success and good luck. Many thanks, Victoria!

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