The first photo of Kim Kardashian’s third child Chicago West has been revealed!

All of us have been patiently waiting for this moment to happen! It all started a month ago when Kim gave birth to her third child. She shared the news on Twitter without giving us the name or any photo.

The fans were really happy for her and they wanted to know the name. Three days later, Kim revealed the name and the internet went crazy.

Since then, there has been quite a long time without any news which of course is not a bad thing. We understand it. But then we could see Kim’s newborn in the documentary of Kylie’s pregnancy. It was a great surprise for fans but it was not enough.

Yesterday, every fan’s patience paid off. Kim shared the FIRST photo of her third child on the social networks!

Baby Chicago

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She’s gorgeous, right? This little beauty is looking just like her mother! Now, their family has gotten even bigger! Kim’s other children North and Saint have a little sister Chi! Congratulations to the parents! We wish you great times with your baby, she really is beautiful.