Paul Pogba: A great football player who is getting better every day!

Everyone who is a lover of football knows Paul Pogba. He is a professional football player from French, who currently plays for Manchester United, an English club in the Premier League.

It’s said that this great player may transfer from Manchester to another team. It’s only rumors, but if they are true, we believe that he will make a right choice!

He is currently among the top assists kings in the Premier League, for which we congratulate him! Will he make it to number one? I guess only time can tell, but we believe that he can. He now has got 3 goals and 9 assists on his record.

In this season, he appeared in 18 matches and he was on the field when 12 wins happened! Paul is known for his great play on offense and also on defense. He has got 23 tackles on his record. That means his tackle success is at 74%!

We believe that this is only the beginning and that his stats will be even greater than they are now! We wish you a great season Paul! Take care and good luck!