Corey Calliet: The Celebrity Trainer Who Will Transform Your Body. All You Need Is Strong Mindset

Have you seen Michael B. Jordan, Jasmine Sanders, Robbie Jones or Winston Duke and have you noticed their perfectly shaped bodies? Well, this is all work of a celebrity trainer and body transformation specialist, Corey Calliet who found time to make an interview with us.

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Q: Corey, let’s start with your carrier beginnings. You arrived in Los Angeles in 2013, what was your journey that led you to be recognized and well-known celebrity fitness trainer?

I first started off in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was doing a contest for bodybuilders and I body built for about 8 years. I felt like I had a skill set that should have been screened, and I was reached out to do Fantastic Four in 2013. Then I took part in my first movie with Michael B. Jordan and we started a relationship, a friendship. He liked my work and we did Creed. Once everyone saw my work on Creed, it went to the next level. From there, I caught the attention of a lot of celebrities and people in the industry, as well as E! which led to Revenge Body.  I think that’s what really got me started in the game.

Q: So now you’re probably best known for the transformation of Michael B. Jordan for his role in the movie Creed, right? So from that day on, a number of your clients had rapidly grown. Tell us, how did you guys meet and what’s the story behind this success?

I met Michael on Fantastic Four. I was actually on the set for about a month in training, and then I called up to train two other actors. We started working out. We worked out for about four months on Fantastic Four, and then he went back to LA, and I stayed in Baton Rouge. He gave me a call about Creed, and I told him I would love to be on set with him and once we connected, we remained friends and we’ve been together ever since.

Q: Your training style is known as ‘The Calliet Way‘, a unique method that connects both body & mind. Can you tell us in summary, what is it all about and why is it so successful?

It is a very intense bout of training. Basically, training with me takes a form of mental strength, and I feel like if you’re not mentally strong you can’t be prepared to train because you’re not gonna be able to do it. It’s the mental aspect of the thing that I’m really connected with, the strong mindset, and I apply it to everything I do.

Q: Do other trainers recognize ‘The Calliet Way‘, your training method, and do they agree with it?

I’ve met with other trainers that agree with it. They see the results that I put out so I think that everyone that follows it, get the results from it.

Q: Except providing personal training, you also offer online programmes including nutrition and fitness services.  Are these online programmes as effective as personal training?

I always tell people that the online training is good because it takes you out of the mindset. When you have a trainer over you, you have someone telling you what to do, so you’re really not learning you‘re just listening. When you do my online training, it forces you to actually learn and you really get an opportunity to transform and to work because you have to depend on yourself.

Q: How does your daily routine look like? 

Every 6 months out of the year I’m on movie sets. Training with my clients and being with them onset is an ongoing process and basically, it’s a training for me. When I’m in California, I don’t take a class because I want to focus on my clients. I spend about 2 hours in the gym, depending on the day. Mostly I train early in the morning and late at night and in between those times I deal with people and business.

Q:  What about your eating habits? As a nutritional expert, you probably eat very healthily, and you rather stay away from junk food, but do you time-to-time cheat a little bit and treat yourself with a slice of pizza or a spoon of Nutella?

I actually do! I live a healthy life, but there are times when I wish to eat what I want because I’m still a human being. I’m not one of those people that just walk around following their plan all day every day. No, I’m a real man, and that’s the realization of being a real person to me. I do eat more healthily than badly. I have my days when I feel like I’ve earned a cheat, but most of the time I’m eating the same food all the time – chicken, fish, lean ground beef, carbohydrates, and veggies…

Q: Is there any food you would never touch?

I don’t eat pork and I would never ever eat chitlins in my life.

Q: You daily help your clients meet their demands, and your client list consists of either stars and everyday people. Does it make any difference for you when working with celebrities and with ordinary people?

I work with celebrities and sometimes their goal is articulated for a set of rules, it’s not just to live a healthy life. I think most of all, people come to me with a vision or goal, they’re not just coming to me to have a trainer. If you come to me, you’re going to get the best results in the shortest time as possible and to learn, so I don’t really treat any differently if you’re a celebrity or not. That way everybody gets the same treatment, we treat them the same way.

Q: You were featured in E! show “Revenge Body” with Khloe Kardashian. What was the experience like? What did it give you?

The show is amazing, I think it has grown tremendously. It’s for people to learn to adjust to a healthy lifestyle and still having to do all the messy and dull stuff that goes on in your life. The show has done for me a lot. It put me on a bigger platform, people are gonna see me coming from behind the camera and be in front of the camera to see my personality, to see how much I care about them and get to see the people and what they’re really doing. I think the whole idea of the show is great and I love being on it.

Q: Yeah. So in the future do you think that you will do this again and you will be featured in the next series of this TV show?

I’m almost 100% sure that I will be on every season, you’re probably gonna see me again.

Q: You recently launched your own clothing line. Can you tell us more about it? What type of clothes do you design?

I’m currently working on a clothing line called LEVELZ, but right now I have merch available called WORKHARDER, which is about working harder, obviously, but not just in fitness, in life too. People work hard but you work harder to get what you want out of life. Basically, I have tank tops and fitted T-Shirts, that’s actually what I have on right now. I think every month I’ll be letting out a new piece of merchandise, and then going to the bigger line of clothes as I get more into streetwear and more for athletes level. Right now we just have the basic hoodies, hats, tank tops, T-Shirts and, the usual stuff that you get for merch.

Q: So this collection WORKHARDER which is on sale right now on, this is a temporary project and will you have next clothing line in the future?

Yeah, I will have a new clothing line in the near future, called LEVELZ.

Q: How did you even get to set up your own brand? Was it something you always wanted or it just naturally came with what you do now?

I just wanted to have T-Shirts at first but a friend of mine, that I met in Madison, told me ‘you should really do that, stylish people will like it‘. I like fashion, I’m really into fashion, so I feel like I could put my mark on fashion and try to do something myself and that’s how I actually came up with the idea of creating my own clothing line.

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Q:  My last question is about you as a motivational speaker. Do you have any message for our readers to motivate them to exercise more and to help them achieve their goals?

When it comes to motivational speaking, it’s not just about fitness or making you work out, it’s actually about helping you with a strong mindset and being able to do anything in life. There are people that have the best bodies and they already work out really hard, but there may be an avenue in their life that they’re weak at. I’ve been through a lot of things and I was able to come back. I think that by sharing my story and my message I’m able to help people handle what they are going through. That’s why I like to motivate and love to speak and talk positively in peoples lives. That’s my whole method of motivational speaking, it’s just to help people build a stronger mindset for their life, not just for fitness.


Thank you for your time and making this interview with us, Corey. You’re doing a great job that is evident as we can see the results of your clients. We wish you good luck a and a lot of success!