Nicolas Bijan: An ambitious man carrying a successful brand!

Some of you, especially the ones who know everything about fashion and clothes may know what Bijan stands for. In case you don’t, let me tell you.

It’s a brand that is known for designing men’s clothing and men’s and women’s fragrances. By clothing, I don’t mean the basic clothes you can buy anywhere in the world. I mean exclusive and luxurious clothes which will definitely send a message if you will wear them.

Nicolas Bijan, a son of iconic fashion designer Bijan Pakzad, took over House of Bijan and he now serves it as its vice president. That means he’s a successful man who knows what he’s doing.

This brand is not just a brand, it’s something special. If you want to buy something from them, it’s not going to happen that easy. The luxury fashion house has got its own methods. In other words, appointment-only. But we think it’s a great thing! Why? Believe me, when you’ll try it out, you will know why. But let me tell you something before you will go there. It’s expensive…like every luxurious piece of art is.

The brand has got a successful past. They are not known for their work for a year or two. They are known for a very very long time. You know who George W. Bush is right? Well, he was one of the clients. And that’s not all! Other people, like the late Shan of Iran or Carlos Slim, were also the clients of this brand. And we are sure that the list is not going to end soon!

We wish Nicolas and his brand a successful future! His work is a synonym for ART and we are sure that this is only the beginning of something even better!