Emir Bahadir: Fabulous Life of Real Estate Magnate and Jet-setter

Emir Bahadir is a successful real estate magnate, entrepreneur, and professional jet-setter. He is also a founder of BHDR, a brokerage and development firm. But Emir is not only a great entrepreneur. He is also a man who’s got a great eye for luxury. He is known on Instagram for his luxury lifestyle and he’s got more than 700,000 followers! We are bringing you an interview with this successful, ambitious and hardworking man.

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Q: I would like to welcome you and to thank you for this interview. We hope you are going to have a great time answering our questions. First of all, I would like to ask you about your work. Is it going well? Is there any news about your work you would want to share with us?

Thanks so much for asking me to participate. Work is going great. I have several different types of projects I’ve been working on. I have already released my skincare line and I’m so excited to unveil the other projects soon!

Q: What has been your best real estate experience so far?

There have been so many great experiences, it’s hard to choose. Every time I have a closing and hear how satisfied my clients are has always been my best experience. It makes the hard work all worthwhile. I have had and would like to continue having experiences in other industries as well. For example, it has been a great experience having my skincare clients tell me how much they love my new products! I see myself getting into other industries as well where I see a lack, I can bring my vision to reality and fill the gap.

Q: Are you planning to expand your great work somehow? If you do, what are your plans?

I think there should be the thought of expansion for any viable business or project. As I mentioned earlier on, I have several projects currently on the table that are not quite ready for unveiling. I was recently featured in GQ and also did a promo for the Flyback Chronograph watch by Frederique Constant. It’s a fabulous watch. What I can tell you about expansion is, there’s a documentary series I will be launching in the US, and I will be merging technology & lifestyle in a whole new way.

Q: Have you ever thought about trying out something new as an entrepreneur?

Yes, absolutely. I can’t think of any entrepreneur who hasn’t.

Q: What was it and are you still thinking about it?

I just recently ventured into the technology industry. It’s been in the works for several months and you’ll know all about it by Summer 2018. As I said, it will merge technology & lifestyle. I’m really looking forward to this launch.

Q: We know that you’ve launched a Bahadiring Skincare Line. How is it working out so far?

It’s been great! I have gotten excellent feedback on the products. Orders have come in from worldwide locations. The products are super easy to use and the collagen is revolutionary when it comes to refreshing your face.

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Q: You are also known for being an art lover and for being a founding patron of the Whitney Museum of American Art. What is your most favorite painting and what is so special about it?

While my friends were usually “investing” in cars and watches at that age, which was a typical thing, I started collecting art at the age of 15 years old.

I was raised by two contemporary art Wolff pioneers, whom are very active in the art world internationally. Thus, I’ve been told I have a natural eye for art. One of my favorites would be the “Black Utopia” by Damien Hirst and the most meaningful piece would be “The Dazzling New Look” by Robert Mars. This was my first purchase 8 years ago when I first moved to NYC. The painting has a neon American flag collage work with Marilyn Monroe. It has a significant meaning for me personally.

Q: How would you describe a successful person? What traits should that person have?

There are many different meanings to success. I think the one common denominator in a successful person is they never give up. Good balance and time management are also two very important traits any business person should have.

Q: I would like to know your opinion on what is most important in life. Is it money, family, happiness, a mix of all of these or something else?

Family is always most important in life. They bring happiness and give you the confidence to make the money later. It’s all connected but starts with your family.

Q: You’ve got a chance to tell something to the people who will read this. Do you have any advice or anything else you would like to tell?

I’d just like to say it’s so important to have dreams. If you work hard enough, you really can live them. Don’t let others discourage you from living your dream; you can do anything you want if you work hard enough for it.

Thank you again for your time and for your answers. I and our whole team wish you great accomplishments in the future. Take care!

If you, dear readers, want to see Emir’s life, check out his personal website,  and his Instagram @emirbahadir.