Melissia Rene: A successful businesswoman, philanthropist and motivational speaker!

This woman has got a huge talent when it comes to business. I’m talking about beauty industry. She is a proud owner of the Devanna Love Boutique & Beauty Bar!

Confidence has No Competition 💫

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What does that mean? Well, it’s a women’s full service clothing boutique and salon. That means, it’s a place where you can buy clothes but also get a lot of salon services. But this one is kinda special. Why? Their motto is “We don’t follow trends, we set them!” and they provide all of their customers with “open arms”, meaning they treat their customers friendly, almost like a family. Yay!

When there’s a Mayweather event you BETTER SHOW OUT!!!!

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When it’s cold outside Gurrrrl 🎤🎶 📸 @moneyyaya

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But this is only one of many interesting things about this woman.

Did you know Mellisia was in a relationship with the world’s most known boxer alive, Floyd Mayweather? Well, if you didn’t, you do now! They have got a beautiful daughter too! Her name is Iyanna, she’s 17 years old and she looks just like her parents.

She’s a perfect mix of both of us @moneyyaya you’re beautiful baby girl 😍

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Melissia has got a good relationship with Floyd, which is great to hear!

She get it from her mama 😜 my beautiful baby girl @moneyyaya

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We are more than sure she will achieve even more things in the future! Good luck in that!