Evan Luthra: Running the Business From the Age of 12 and Now a Self-Made Millionaire!

Do you remember what were you doing when you were 12? Probably, you were playing like other kids or maybe you don’t even know because it wasn’t a milestone in your life. Just imagine you’re 12, you get a brilliant idea and suddenly…you’re a millionaire! This is a true story of a 22-years-old man. Well, it wasn’t that simple but this is one of the stories that makes you motivated, enthusiastic and determined to reach your goal after you read this.

Let’s get started. Evan Luthra was born in India and he is a member of Rich Kids. He became financially independent at the age of 20. However, both of his parents work in the fashion industry this isn’t Evan’s case.

Although his life has always been followed by the high standard, he had an ordinary childhood and had to earn things. Being a person a step ahead of everyone, he achieved something great at a very young age. When he was 12 his father had a big failure with his call centre business and lost much money. As a result, there were over 200 computers left in the office and Evan took a chance. He learned how computers work, all the systems, everything and used it the best he could. He made a blog and he began developing mobile apps. He released an app on the App Store that was just launching then. From that time on, he not only became financially independent but he also found what he loves and that’s the best combination ever.

Evan has now his own company EL Group International and is a man of many interests. The company follows the rule: 1. Conceptualize, 2. Innovative, 3. Execute.

He develops mobile apps and is an accredited investor on AngelList and recently he started to carry business in the crypto industry. He has a strong word also as a speaker and he speaks at different universities and conferences.

It’s incredible what has this young man achieved. He basically creates products used by millions of people and most importantly does what he loves!