Moe Money: A Luxury Vlogger Who’s Lifestyle is Definitely Worth a Look!

He has already been featured in our magazine. Before reading, I suggest you check the article about this successful man. He is a YouTuber vlogging about his life. Don’t worry, his life is not boring. So, what’s so special about his vlogs? It’s the luxury he is featuring in them! By that, I mean expensive cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and more, rich people from all around the world, celebrities, and other vloggers who have similar content. Meet Mohammad and his successful YouTube channel named Moe Money! We’ve made an interview with this man and it’s very interesting. I’m sure you will like it a lot!

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Which one would you take?

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Q: First of all, I would like to welcome you and thank you for participating in this interview. So, out of all things, there are in the world to do, why did you choose YouTube?

Actually, funny enough, Youtube chose me. I never thought I would jump into social media until around my 3rd year in Dubai. I started off managing the two biggest influencers in Dubai, Mo Vlogs & Money Kicks, which then led me to jump into being an influencer myself.

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Q: Has it been your dream to become a vlogger on YouTube?

No, I never thought I would be a “vlogger”. I didn’t even know what that was until about 2016.

Q: What would you say is the biggest success of your career?

The biggest success of my career would be when I switched over from managing influencers to being an influencer myself. It’s much more rewarding when you put all the effort towards yourself rather than your client.

Q: What is your goal on YouTube? Do you have any milestone you want to achieve?

I want people to be able to type in a country name on Youtube, and the first video that pops up is me. For me, it’s not about the subscribers or the views, it’s about providing valuable content for my audience.

Q: Are you working with other YouTubers as well? If you do, who are they?

At the moment, I’m not working with any as I am working on a big project which I’ll tell you about.

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Q: How do you perceive the reactions of your fans?

I do try to read all my audience’ comments, and most of them are positive. Of course, there will always be the cynical commenters, and I’m fine with that because the more success you find, the more they grow.

Q: What is the procedure of shooting a vlog?

I would roughly plan the events of the shoot the day before, then just wake up and begin. It’s not just about shooting the vlog, it’s about planning the activity as well. I usually have to split my time up between contacting different hotels, restaurants, tourism departments, etc.. and actually shooting, which is a FULL-TIME JOB.


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Q: How long does it take to make one vlog? Is it a hard work?

It depends on if I am shooting for one specific brand or activity, then it could take a few hours. If I am combining full days of activities, it would take the whole day to shoot, sometimes all day and night.

Q: What type of camera and video editor are you using?

Cameras: Canon G7x, Sony A7S2, Sony A7R, Go Pro’s

Editor: Adobe Premiere

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Q: Are you preparing something new for your fans? If you do, can you give away what it is?

I sure am. I have started a new Sub Channel called Trade and Travel Life. I have partnered with my expert options trader and created a channel that will highlight our journey around the world highlighting each and every country while teaching our audience how they can do the same by trading options.


Thank you, Moe, for your answers and for your time!

If you want to check out his work, you need to watch his vlogs on his YouTube channel! Also, don’t forget to check out his second YouTube channel called Trade and Travel Life! And of course, we can’t forget his Instagram where you can see many incredible posts!