Jean-Claude Biver: A Real Mastermind When it Comes to Watchmaking!

Not long ago you could’ve read an article about TAG Heuer, a watchmaking company who is great at its work. Today, you are going to read about TAG Heuer’s CEO and a board member of Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver. This man is a real genius, believe me!

There are really not many people who have got as many experiences as Jean-Claude does. He’s been in the watch industry for a VERY long time! Starting off by purchasing the rights to a company called Blancpain and continuing his career by joining Omega and later Hublot, until he accomplished what he’s got right now.

Actually, many Heuer’s and Hublot’s events or new products you can see are Biver’s work. You never know what will come next. Will it be a new product or something that we haven’t seen in the world yet?

Porsche 911 R (one of 911 cars

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#prague @hublot event with our boutique

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BUT we must say, Biver is not successful only in the watch industry. Guess what is this man also known for. I bet most of you don’t know. Let me tell you. He is really known for his own cheese. Oh, it’s not JUST a cheese, this one is kinda exclusive, believe me. Every single year he produces approximately 5 tonnes of cheese. That’s a lot, right?

This successful man is very interesting and his whole “road to success” is even more interesting. We wish him great accomplishments in the future!