David Jakabovic: A Businessman Who Conquered All Ports From Monaco To Miami

We are honored to welcome in our magazine one of the most successful and respected men in the yacht industry. His name is David Jakabovic and he was so nice to meet with us and to make an interview. David is an expert in his field and he kindly shared with us the secret to his success and told us the story of his career and Morley Yachts company.


Q: What were your beginnings like when you first came to Monaco? How did you launch your career?
First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to ONN Network for a possibility to be a part of this amazing and inspiring community. It’s a huge pleasure for me. My „dream come true“ story started back in 2012 when I joined the International University of Monaco to accomplish my MSc in International Business Management. The first work experience in yachting came into my life already during my studies through an internship for one of the leading yacht brokerage companies in the world.

Q: What led you to become a successful sales & charter broker at Morley Yachts?
Passion. I fell in love with this industry and lifestyle when I first stepped onboard of a superyacht. No matter what business you are in you need to love your job to be successful in what you do and that’s not just a phrase. It might appear like an easy job, but there is a lot of efforts and hard work behind it.

David Jakabovic with Peter Sagan on 99m yacht “Christina O” near St. Tropez

Q: You’re one of the most respected and sought-after yacht company. What’s the story behind such a success?
It’s all about the personal approach to each and every client, honesty and mutual trust. I always try to go the extra mile and that’s maybe why I have a long-term relationship with the absolute majority of my clients. As an example, I came back from Cuba two weeks ago, where I personally went through the itinerary of my next charter in order to give a valuable feedback to my client. I had also the opportunity to explore the beauty of Myanmar onboard, the world’s largest luxury wooden sailing yacht, before booking a couple of very successful charters on this beautiful yacht for my clients.

A photo of the world’s largest luxury wooden sailing yacht sailing through Myanmar

Q: People from all around the world search for Morley Yachts. What do you think is your main skill or advantage that makes you this successful in your field and why do you think people keep coming back to you? What makes you different from the others?
There is a simple rule behind all of my business decisions. I want to be sure that when I meet the client few years after making a deal together, I will see a smile on his face and I will be sure that he’s happy with the decision he made based on our advice. The relationship I have with most of my clients is not very common in the industry and I’m proud to say that many of them became my friends. We go for dinners together, we attend sports events, or meet with the families in the mountains over the winter. It’s really special.


Q: How does your normal day look like?
I would say that it is a balance between the hours spent in the office and time spent onboard superyachts. There is also quite a lot of traveling involved since it’s extremely important for me to know yachts, which are available for sale and charter around the world in order to give a valuable advice to my clients.

Q: You mentioned that you’re not doing just sales, but also charters. Is it possible to actually get invited on the yacht by the client during the charter?
It’s not something that is very common, but I have to admit that it already happened to me. We managed to secure great conditions for one of my clients and he was so happy that he called me to join them for the whole charter. It was a 99m superyacht and definitely a lifetime memory!

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Q: Each of your clients is different, they all have distinct requirements and it makes it difficult to meet all of them. How can you manage to achieve demands of your clients?
Every person is different and that’s what makes it even more interesting for me. It’s extremely important to understand their hobbies, listen to their thoughts and preferences. Once we get the idea what makes them happy, we start working hard on transforming their dreams into reality. It sounds funny, but I really know some of my clients so well that I literally know what time they prefer to find their daily newspapers on the table, how they like their breakfast to be prepared, or when they do their morning yoga. Keep in mind that we’re talking about some of the most successful people in the world!


Q: How do you deal with your clients? What’s the ‘client process’ like? Do you prefer meeting with them personally or rather communicating in electronic form?
It’s always nice to meet clients in person if possible since you cannot compare the personal feeling with anything else. However, it’s not uncommon to communicate everything online or through the phone. Personally, I always try to be there in person when they embark on the yacht to welcome them for a start of their charter and make sure that everything is perfect, no matter which part of the world the yacht is.

Thank you, David, for your effort to participate in this interview. We wish you a lot of success and luck at sea and we hope we’ll see you again soon!