Lorelei Tarón: Successful & Hardworking Wife of Radamel Falcao Who Really Enjoys the Family Life

We are happy to welcome Lorelei Tarón in ONN Magazine. A woman known as a singer with beautiful voice, caring mother and loving wife of popular football player Radamel Falcao. In today’s interview, Lorelei reveals how is it to be a wife of a famous sportsman, how she handles their family life with three children and how she is able to focus on her own career. Continue reading…

Q: Lorelei, you are probably best-known as a wife of famous football player Radamel Falcao. How is it to live side-by-side with a man who is this successful and popular?

By the time you learn about it and with the experience acquired. In some opportunities, you should be prudent and act accordingly at the moment. I always ask God to help me. I want to be the partner for Falcao who he needs in his life.

Q: You married your husband when you were only 19-years-old and it is said that you two met at the church. Is it true? Would you share your story about meeting and marrying Radamel?

Yes, it is true. I married Radamel when I was 19-years-old. We met at a church in Buenos Aires. We have some friends in common that played an important role in our relationship. After a few months of our relationship, he wanted to marry me. On December 13, 2007, we got married in Buenos Aires and that’s the beginning of our adventure.

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Q: Being a professional footballer’s wife, are you interested in football? Do you follow any of the football news?

Yes, I am mostly interested in Falcao’s job. I try to be with him in the stadium when he travels to other country or city. I always follow him and because of that, I know about football. I am interested in professional football in all the matter related to my husband.

Q: Besides being a perfect wife to your husband you also devote to music and you studied the subject. You’re a talented singer and you have your first album No Me Rendiré released. What does music mean to you and how does it feel to create such a big thing in the music industry, your own album?

When I was a little girl my parents taught me about music. Being 4-year-old I began with piano and singing at the conservatory.

Music is about passion and it has been many years of hard work. It was my dream when I was a child and now I am harvesting all the work. I see all the things I dreamed of in real life and I’m very happy about it.


Q: Are you going to continue this way and produce another album or release new singles?

Yes, I am working on it. I am collaborating with Christian musicians Kike Pavón and Evan Craft at the moment. We are working on some singles and we‘re planning to release it soon.

Q: You’re a mother of three adorable children. Tell us, how is it possible that you always look absolutely stunning? Do you have any tips for our readers?

For the whole family, it’s very important to develop a healthy food habit and we also consider body exercise as an essential part of our healthy lifestyle.

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Q: Looking at your perfect figure, it’s obvious that you exercise. What kind of workout/training do you do and how often?

I love it. It’s the time just for me so I regularly visit the gym. I usually go to the gym after I leave my girls at the school but it depends on the day. My routine includes boxing and I also follow training programme with a personal trainer.

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Q: Because of Radamel’s profession you had to move several times with your whole family. How is it to start all over again in a new city? Are you already used to it after many times you experienced it?

In all the cities where we have been living, we tried to enjoy it. The thing is to enjoy and to look for the treasures of the place. Usually, we know it‘s temporary so we try to learn about the culture and the people there.

Q: You focus on your beautiful family and raising your children. Being a mom of three, it can be sometimes exhaustive. How do you do it that you always look calm and relaxed?

Sometimes I am not calm! It is really hard work. I try to be patient and to understand all the things they need. It‘s very funny to follow what they need in all the different ages. I love my work and I absolutely enjoy it.

Q: You weren’t always this famous and it must have been a big change for you to become an object for paparazzi. How could you handle it? Would you like to be just an ordinary person sometimes or it doesn’t bother you and you’re used to it now?

I don’t realize if my life has changed in this aspect. It’s normal for me now. I am a woman who likes to speak with people so sometimes I enjoy it.

Lorelei, thank you for your time and participation in this interview. It was a pleasure to talk with you. We wish you and all the family lot of health, luck and success on and off the field!