Dwayne Johnson’s Second Child with Lauren Hashian Will Come Soon! Guess Who Will be Lauren’s Doula?

There are a lot of children being born lately and the second child of Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian is no exception! They announced that they are awaiting another member of their family in December 2017 and the time is ticking fast until the child will be born!

Dwayne Johnson with his girlfriend Lauren Hashian and their daughter Jasmine

There are a lot of preparations to be made and choosing a doula for Dwayne’s girlfriend is one of them! They have already chosen the person who will have that honor and Dwayne has announced it in Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show!

So who will it be? We’re not going to let you wait for the answer any longer. It’s Dwayne’s good friend and a person who’s show we’ve talked about a while ago, Jimmy Kimmel! Wow!

We must say, Jimmy did not look very surprised but we are sure he was and still is happy about the fact that he will be a doula. A lot more happened in the show but we’re not going to spoil it all for you. See it for yourself, it’s worth it!


The couple has already got one child, a daughter named Jasmine who was born in December 2015. Their daughter is very adorable and the second child will be as adorable as Jasmine is, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl. Congratulations to them! We hope Dwayne will make it to the birth, he deserves to see such a beautiful moment in our lives!