Leighton Meester Goes For Hair Color Change! Not a Brunette Anymore, But Platinum Blonde…

Leighton Meester is probably best known for her role in series Gossip Girl as a brunette Blair Waldorf. Now it’s almost ten years from the beginning of successful series and the actress hasn’t changed her hairstyle very much over the years, until now! Leighton underwent a radical transformation at the Nexxus New York Salon under the watch of celebrity colorist Aura Friedman and we won’t see her as a brunette anymore. She is for the first time platinum blonde!

“I don’t even feel comfortable saying that I just went blonde. It is a totally different color of hair! But I love it!” Leighton told PeopleStyle.

The actress shared the whole color changing process that lasted over six hours on her social media.

Meester opened up about why she decided for hair color change. “I’ve had long, natural hair for a long time. The length it got to felt like the exact opposite of what I wanted to go for. I really felt like something that was a stark difference would be invigorating and fun. I like to try different things and experiment. So when I wanted to change my hair, I just thought, “I should just completely go for it!’” she told PeopleStyle.

Meester also spoke about her hair treatment routines and how she keeps her hair undamaged. “I was using the Nexxus Keraphix Masque as much as possible just to keep my hair super healthy from root to end. And I like doing the Nexxus Keraphix Reconstructing Protein Treatment once a week too. It’s really important for me for my hair to feel as healthy as it looks,” she revealed for PeopleStyle.

We think those six hours in hair salon were definitely worth it and Leighton looks just stunning and fresh with her new look. Isn’t it a great spring welcoming?