Pagani Is Working on a New Project And The Idea Is Amazing!

These days almost every car manufacturer is preparing for a future. What do I mean by future? I mean electric cars which we can already see in the streets. You probably already know the feeling of seeing a car but not hearing any sound of it. Or seeing a charging station. Well, if you haven’t figured out what that feeling is yet, let me tell you. It’s when you find out that inovations which seemed unreal in the past are now real.

An Italian manufacturer of supercars Pagani is not an exception. They know the change is coming and they are getting ready for it. So, how exactly are they getting ready? The answer for this question is…an electric supercar. It already sounds amazing, right?

Pagani is a very special brand because there are not many Paganis in the world. They are producing fewer cars than Ferrari or Lamborghini is and that is making them really unique. If you haven’t already seen one, imagine what it must feel like seeing a Pagani Huayra or Zonda. It must be an AMAZING experience, right? Unfortunately, a chance of seeing one is really low, because of how rare these supercars are. Now imagine seeing a high-powered EV with a Pagani brand on it. Wow…just wow.

Horacio Pagani, the founder of the brand, has confirmed that they are already working on this project. “That is not something you can just pretend not to see, that everyone is developing something in this direction. The management is already organizing the company to have a division specifically for electric cars. Already, by the end of 2018, the idea is to have a section where electric cars can be developed and tested,” Horacio said.

You don’t need to worry, they are not going to stop the production of their internal-combustion Paganis. They plan to produce them beyond 2020. That’s a great news, isn’t it?

We are really looking forward to first photos of the project or to any new information about it. We’ll let you know when we will know more, you don’t need to worry about that.