Louis Wright: A Young Entrepreneur Who Knows Exactly How To Make Things Work

Today, we’re going to introduce you to a man whose career got him a very interesting lifestyle. We have prepared an article about one of our members and believe us when we say he’s not just ‘somebody’. His name is Louis Wright is one of those people who will help you out as much as they can. So, who is this man?

Louis is a very talented entrepreneur who’s achieved a huge success in business while being only 20 years-old. He’s the CEO of a company called Ace One Management and this company has got him a huge opportunity which he took. And it was a great choice! Now, Louis is meeting with many famous stars from all over the world and he’s working with them on many projects. His dream was to become his own boss and it really worked out for him. You know what people say, if you want to fulfill your dreams, you must work hard for it. Louis did work hard to achieve what he’s got now.

The goal of his company is not to make money, it’s to help and teach other small businesses the right way to promote themselves through social media. He also hates when his client is not happy with the services they’re getting. Instead of doing nothing, Louis is trying the most that he can to help his clients with anything they need. That’s a great proof that Louis is a really unique man.

I bet you now want to know the names of the stars he meets and works with. Well, for example, he’s had one long-term client who he has worked with for over six months. We are talking about “It’s Danny T”, a great and successful DJ.

We wanted to know more about the beginnings of his company, so we asked him. We all know that beginnings are always the hardest and Louis knows it too.

I created my Social Media Agency a year ago. For the first few weeks, we had no clients and no profit had been made. A very different scene compared to today. Our original tactic was to reach out to brands and companies approaching them with discounted or free services to start their contract with us. After no joy, we started using our own networks to get some clients on board and start creating profit. Through their good referrals and our continued networking, we have now worked with personal celebrities, nightclubs, holiday booking companies and boxing promotion organizations. Creating a diverse and full portfolio which has made getting new clients much easier. Now established we are offering many more services than we did when we began this journey,” Louis told us.

We’ve also asked him about his plans for the future and we must say, he’s got it all figured out in his mind. That means he will be only more and more successful than he is now. Great for him!

Including a whole new division which has been asked for by some of our more famous personal clients, we are also opening two new branches overseas which will open up access to more clients and able us to take more accounts on board. We will also be Starting an Affiliate Referral Program which will allow us to gain more monthly contracts and help some of our small business partners keep their costs down. We will be launching a new monthly Networking and Social Media Brunch Club in Manchester with industry guests and clients invited down, which will include an after club Podcast for those who missed it. Talking all about the newest features, tips, and trends!

One of the most important things in our lives is to be able to rate ourselves. We wanted to know how would he rate his work and all that he accomplished. He answered just like a successful entrepreneur should.

Judge us on what we have already accomplished. We provide a complete package so if you choose us you won’t need to go anywhere else. As well as offering training to use some of our services we are here for you. Many other companies and brands ask us for advice every day which we freely give out. I love supporting others who are just starting out on their journey. I know how hard it can be.

We are really glad that Louis is a member of our work! We wish him a lot of luck in his life and work he has done. Take care, Louis.