Ariana Grande’s Comeback Is Finally Here! A Single “No More Tears To Cry” Is Out

Those who follow Ariana on her social accounts like Instagram or Twitter know exactly what’s going on right now. Those who don’t, let me tell you. After a very long time, people finally got what they were waiting for. That is a new single by Ariana Grande.

Last week has been really interesting because, for the whole week, Ariana teased the single for so many times that the people couldn’t even be happier. She even posted a 30-seconds teaser of the clip and it was seen more than 3 million times. Wow!

music video tonight too 💧 here is a teaser love you

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ʍou ʇno

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The song is called “No More Tears To Cry” and it really was worth the waiting. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should do it right now. I mean it.


The song is a masterpiece, people say. And it really is. In the chorus, she’s singing that there are no more tears to cry and that she’s moving on. After all, what else is there to do, right?

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Everyone who knows Ariana knows how great is she. She’s got a heart of gold and we really love that about her. Take care, Ariana!