Historically First Red Bull Air Race Took Place in Cannes

Over the weekend, France had hosted its historically first Red Bull Air Race Championship. Cannes, the picturesque city of ordinarily movie stars and yacht enthusiasts located in the heart of French Riviera had for this event transformed into the hub of acrobatic aircraft parade.

Several pilots from countries all over the world had met in the French Riviera spin-off of the championship to show off their trained routines and heavy machines that their teams have been working on for weeks.

The event took place from this past Friday to Sunday and it was followed by a local as well as a global media coverage and also by a huge support from the locals and vacationers in Cannes. The victory for the pilots of Master Class was taken by the American pilot Michael Goulian who has been so far leading the whole championship after his previous victory over race from Abu Dhabi.

The next expected race will take place this upcoming May in Japan. Until then, the pilots will have some time to recover from the exhausting performances they had pulled and maybe prepare a little bit more for the dramatic rematch.