BMW’s EV Concept iX3 Is Finally Revealed! Specifications, Photos And Production Info Are Now Known

The big change of automobile industry is closer than we may think. Many car manufacturers are already making plans and revealing concepts of electric vehicles (EVs) of future. Many of those will start to be produced in two years. That’s not a long time from now.

One of the most loved car brands of all time, BMW, are no exception. Like every other brand, they want to grab the opportunity and be the best.

At this week’s Beijing Motor Show, they surprised people with an announcement. The company revealed a new concept of an EV, which will probably become the first serious mass-produced fully electric car of the brand. Wow!

It will be called iX3 and every lover of big cars will be happy to know that it will be an SUV. The design and look of the concept already look like it’s ready to be produced, so we are looking forward to any visual changes.

Unfortunately, the interior photos were not shown yet, but we are sure it will look at least as good as the exterior does.

The iX3 will be ready for owners with a power of 270 horsepower and one full charge will last for approximately 250 miles. The 70kWh battery pack will be ready to do its job and you don’t need to worry, it will be compatible with 150kW fast charging.

Another surprise is that the production will take place in China. The reason is simple. It will cost less money for the company and if you don’t know yet, China is known for their effort to produce as many EVs as they can. That’s why they’ve got the biggest market of EVs in the world.

We really love the idea of electric cars and we are looking forward to the change. It’s a long path but a fascinating one!