Camilla Hansson: Charming Swedish Model Whose Qualities Are More Than Just Beauty and Brains

The beauty of Scandinavian women is well recognized all over the world. However, Camilla Hansson is much more than just another pretty face. Camilla is an incredibly successful self-made model whose career and star is rising higher and higher every day. She has an enormous social media influence with almost 30k followers on her Instagram from where she interacts with her fans.

Camilla is passionate about healthy nutrition and balanced lifestyle which she shares with her enormous fanbase almost every day (so if you are in need of some food or fitness inspiration, Camilla is the one to follow). In addition to a busy career of a model, Camilla is an ambassador for a charity organization as well as a confidence and pageant coach for women. Camilla is without a doubt the full package, and you should definitely learn more about her.

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Q: Winning Miss Universe Sweden in 2014 and Miss Earth Sweden 2012 competitions must have opened many doors for you. What do you value the most about these experiences? Would you change anything about them?

Winning the Miss Universe Sweden competition was a game changer for me. Miss Earth just gave me a bit of a taste of what it was all about. After winning Miss Universe Sweden, I was able to leave my full-time job to focus on working with brands, charity projects and to set up my own coaching business. It is hard to say what my life would have looked like now if I had not won the competitions, so I can’t really say anything that I would change about it.

Q: Joining the fashion and modeling industry is not always the easiest. What made you decide to become a model? At what age did you land your first major campaign?

You are right it is a very competitive industry. I have friends who are really struggling to make good money doing modeling alone. At 23 years of age, I won my first major publicised campaign which encouraged me to keep going and exploring the industry more.

Q: You are a successful model who shot many campaigns for fashion and lifestyle brands as well as magazine covers. What do you consider to your greatest professional success so far?

Being able to work for myself as I value freedom above all.

Q: Of course, success only comes hand in hand with strong work ethics. What are some of the other important values you cherish when it comes to your career and work in general?

Growth and continuation of learning are very important to me. I always look for ways to add more skills, as well as learning and trying new things.

Q: As a coach for boosting social confidence and pageantry of women, you must always stay focused and in a positive state of mind. What do you do if you are having a bad day and feel down about yourself? What would you say are the essential things women should keep in mind when seeking to build their self-confidence?

If I feel down, I try to take some time to myself. Maybe I have a bath, do some deep breathing exercises, walk in nature, go to the gym or talk to a good friend… that sort of things. Women and self-confidence is such a complex subject. I think self-confidence comes partly from feeling that you are living a purposeful life. It’s also about knowing who you are.

Q: To find such a strong role model like you among young models is quite rare these days. Who and why is your role model? What qualities do you admire about them the most?

I admire strong independent women like Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow who have managed to use their fame into building successful wellness businesses as well as balancing their career with motherhood.

Q: You are a true natural beauty. What are some of the go-to beauty regiments that you swear by?

Thank you. I have switched to try using as many natural beauty products as possible and keeping it quite simple. I love having a good facial whenever I can though. To have good skin, it is really about the foods you eat and drinking enough water as well as exercising regularly to increase blood circulation in your skin and get your lymphatic system moving. On top of that, I always need a good night sleep ideally 9 hours.

Q: Not only do you promote healthy mind being but also healthy body positivity. Your Instagram is full of healthy food and fitness inspiration. What is your main inspiration in maintaining of a healthy lifestyle?

I just think health, beauty, and wellbeing all go hand in hand so when I feel my best I look my best.

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Q: You have already obtained a diploma in nutrition, and you are currently elaborating on your studies further. How do you manage to combine your professional and study life on the daily basis?

Yes, I am studying to further my qualifications in nutrition at CNM London where I am also studying to become a Naturopath. It can be quite hard sometimes to find the right balance with studying, work as well as having an enjoyable personal life but somehow I make it work!

Q: It also must be extremely hard for your personal life to manage the constant traveling back and forth between Stockholm and London. How do you find the balance between the lives in Sweden and Britain?

My main home is in London. I travel to Stockholm about once a month to see my family and for work sometimes. I absolutely love living in London but I will always stay true to my Swedish roots and my connection to Sweden.

Q: On top of your already busy schedule, you during your free time engage in charity work. Could you tell us a little more about the charities you support and work for?

I think giving back is an important part of life and I have met some incredible people through my travels and charity projects that I have been involved in throughout the years. Going forward I would like to focus my efforts on supporting more environmental causes as well as women’s and children’s health through nutrition. 

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If you would like to see more of Camilla check out her official webpage or follow her on Instagram for the latest updates about her life.