2018 Ice Hockey World Championship Starts In A Week. We’ve Got You Covered With All You Need To Know

The countdown to ice hockey’s world cup is almost at zero. After a long year of waiting, it’s finally here… almost! We will enjoy a lot of matches in which only the best teams and players meet to fight for the world’s number ONE.

This year, the world cup takes place in Denmark’s cities Copenhagen and Herning. Will the Danish national men’s ice hockey team be able to win or at least play in the semi-finals? We will see.

This is where Copenhagen’s matches will take place.
Herning’s one of a kind arena.

The fact that there will be two groups is not a surprise. Now, let’s take a closer look at these groups. In each, eight teams will fight for the cup and let me tell you something, it won’t be an easy fight for any team.

Group A will consist of countries like mighty Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Belarus, and Austria.

People will be able to enjoy the rivalry of the Czech Republic and Slovakia or a tough match between Russia and Sweden.

The teams which were placed in the Group B will have a tough fight against Canada, a team that is rarely defeated. The United States, Finland, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Denmark and South Korea, a country which will play the world’s championship for the first time, are the other teams in the second group.

The world cup will start on Friday. The first two matches will be not only the first but also very interesting ones. French national team will try to defeat Russia and the Canadian national team will try to maintain their ‘hard to defeat’ status. I don’t know about you but I’m already looking forward the games!

Our whole team wishes luck to every team there will play. Remember that enjoying the game is more important than winning the game.