Ebony Garris: Writer And Successful Bussiness Woman Who Works With Hollywood Hottest Celebrities

Being a successful writer and CEO of hair extension and hair care line company doesn’t have much in common. But Ebony Garris A.K.A Lady Drama combines these two different worlds with born elegance. 

Apart from being an editor, Ebony set up a haircare company and opened The Extension Gallery where she offers different hair care products and a wide range of quality hair extensions. One successful lady.

How does she manage to combine all the work? Read and learn.

Q: You are a journalist as well as the Creative Director of The Extension Gallery. Tell us how it happened.

As an entertainment journalist, I turned words into beauty by keeping readers up-to-date with style, culture, music and Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. It was creatively satisfying but I didn’t feel fulfilled with just writing on entertainment trends and celebrity sightings. That unfulfilled purpose took me from narrating about the world of entertainment and led me back to being the trendsetter and authoritative voice in the beauty and style industry. I found pleasure in being able to transform things from start to finish. Being a beauty consultant is just that. This made the transition an easy path because instead of articulating new trends birthing the industry through words I was able to transition through action.

Q: It must be very time-consuming. Have you any hacks on how to handle work pressure?

Work-life balance is the key. There are times where I will knock out my quarterly calendar in a week and then rest a full week. You have to really cherish your creative space and take the time off to regroup and refocus your brand as well as what you want to achieve. In order to do this, you must prioritize and balance your time. Also, I try to have at least one cocktail or glass of wine to help ease the workload 😉

Q: What led you to venture into the hair business? Why did you decide for hair brand?

Coming from a long lineage of women who owned clothing boutiques and beauty based businesses it was in my heart. The Extension Gallery allows me the platform to not only transform women’s outward appearance but also the confidence that is inside. As an extension connoisseur, I grew tired of searching for quality hair extensions at an affordable price. I set out to find direct vendors that would offer the best product. By sourcing from direct vendors, we are able to get very competitive pricing along with unbeatable quality assurance.

Q: As the Creative Director of The Extension Gallery, what can we find there?

Extension Gallery is a well-rounded extension brand. We offer quality hair for quality women from all walks of life. Our brand focuses more on the individual needs of clients to offer a personalized shopping experience, making hair buying as luxurious as purchasing your first luxury item from a high-end retailer.

Hair is all about evolution and innovation. A well-rounded extension brand knows how to take the old and make it new while also exposing clients to new hair products to help achieve some of the most sought-after styles. From introducing our clients to 360 frontals to the convenience of braid in extensions that cut down install time by 50% we are always on the prowl for something new to brag about!

Q: Your nickname is ‘Lady Drama’. Why? And did you think of it yourself?

Lady Drama was a name given to me by an editor at All Hip Hop. I used to submit content for their rumor section and I was the only female writing rumors. I had the tendency to push the envelope a lot so my boss often called me ‘Lady of Drama’. I laughed at the nickname and it kind of stuck so I never dropped it as my pen name! As I’ve evolved as a writer I do enjoy indulging in celebrity news but not so much drama.

Q: Ebony, who were the biggest artists you were interviewing?

Wow, that’s a while back but my writing credentials included well-known websites Bossip.com, AllHipHop.com and a plethora of others. I made national appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, Rap City (BET) and Red Carpet coverage for events where I regularly interviewed well-known artists such as Big Boi, Janelle Monae, PitBull, Russell Simmons and others.

Q: One of your greatest successes is undoubtedly your story “Last Train for Paris”. Tell us, what is the novel about?

I loosely based the story on celebrity gossip stories that I compiled into one big plot line. I also included some of my own encounters with celebrities both professionally and romantically to create the main character Paris who aspires to be a singer. As Paris’ life takes a drastic change and the industry proves itself to be too much for her to handle she starts to see the true intentions of those she once trusted. Paris must figure out what’s more important in her life fame or owning her true self. Leaving her to answer the question what’s the true price of fame? I feel like Paris’ story was so relatable because we have all dreamed hard for some things in life and were willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve them.

Q: Do you plan to write another novel anytime soon? If yes, could you tell us some spoilers?

I’m actually at work on my next novel titled ‘Sedition’. This has been in the works for close to two years and is a very special story to tell. It is an urban suspense romance novel that involves a lot of Sex, Money, and Power! Think of a modern day Chances by Jackie Collins. Who wouldn’t love to read that?

Quote from celebrity hairstylist, Preston Wada:

I love Extension Gallery because of the quality of the hair. Unlike some brands this hair is truly virgin that can be transformed into any color possible. I have been making hairpieces and wigs for years on plenty of talent, but this is by far the best hair available. I will never use another brand.

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