Celebrities & Their Impressive And Amazing Car Collections! Ferraris, Bugattis, Bentleys And Many More Powerful Machines

We know that many exclusive and expensive cars are not for the ordinary people. Almost everytime we see a Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari or any other luxury car brand the person behind the wheels is either rich, famous or he/she rented the car. Today, we will show you what cars celebrities own. I’m telling you right now before we start off, you are going to see cars that are not mass produced and are very rare to own and see on the road. Enjoy!

Floyd Mayweather

This man is probably the world’s most known boxer right now thanks to his great talent when it comes to fighting. But when he’s not in a ring, he is enjoying his life to the fullest. Floyd has got very impressive car collection. He owns beauties like Bentley Mulsanne – one of the most expensive Bentleys you can find on the market or the fast and aggressive Bugatti Veyron – a supercar with a power of 1,000 HP and a car that still holds its rank when it comes to being one of the fastest cars in the world.

Floyd Mayweather’s Bentley Mulsanne
Floyd Mayweather sitting in his Bugatti Veyron. Currently, he also owns a new Bugatti Chiron.

But that’s not it yet. Floyd also owns many Ferraris, for example, 458 Italia or Enzo and Lamborghini Aventador is a must-be in his garage.

Floyd’s all-white car collection look sick!

Cristiano Ronaldo

The world’s elite football player, Ronaldo, makes millions of dollars and he spends few of them on cars he obviously likes a lot. He’s got a Bugatti Veyron, just like Floyd does. I guess that one is the favorite car of celebrities and we are not surprised. Not a long time ago, a new Bugatti came out. The name of the new beast is Bugatti Chiron and guess who’s got one? Exactly, Ronaldo.

Other than that, Bentley Continental GTC, BMW M6 or Maserati GranCabrio are also his favorite ones. Imagine waking up thinking what car you’re going to drive today. That must be a great feeling, right?

Ronaldo and his Ferrari which looks… gorgeous!
Let’s be honest. Isn’t this Lamborghini one of the most beautiful Lambos you have ever seen?
Ronaldo has got a great style when it comes to cars.


This man is a big fan of Maybach. If you don’t know what Maybach is, I suggest you go find them out right now because their works look just…amazing! So, Birdman owns a beautiful and very exotic Maybach Landaulet and also Maybach Exelero. These two cars are… I would say they are even rarer than seeing a Bugatti. Just take a look yourself and enjoy that look because the chance that you will see one in real life is unfortunately not very big.

This is Maybach Exelero Birdman owns.
It’s extremely rare because they haven’t made even ten of them…
… and because it costs $8 million! That makes it the most expensive car.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber owns many cars but today, we want to talk about the one and only, Fisker Karma. There is a big chance you haven’t heard about this car, it’s not very known to people and this one is even rarer than Birdman’s Maybachs.

It’s a luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and it was one of the first in the world. The car looks very pretty and the power it offers is praiseworthy too. But Justin Bieber’s all-chrome version is something you can’t overlook.

David Lee

Being a car collector means having a lot of money and a lot of space for those cars. David Lee is a man who collects Ferraris and believe me when I say he’s got more than a lot of them.

Collecting cars is a great and very interesting hobby. Everyone who likes cars will appreciate people who collect them and take a good care of them.