Antoine Constantin: Model And Lifestyle Influencer Who Inspires The World

Antoine Constantin also known as Monsieur Lifestyle lives the life everyone dreams about – driving luxurious cars, drinking only the best of champagne and spending every free minute on a yacht. We had a chance to ask him about his lifestyle, what got him where he is now and about his personal key to success.

Q: Antoine, you have a lot of activities, but what is your main one? Tell us more about your core business.

It is true that I have a lot of activities but that brings together the same domain that is the world of digital, social networks and content creation.

My main activity, I will say is, first of all, to inspire people, to motivate them through quality content around elegance, work and optimism in order to bring the highest possible in their esteem of self, in their convictions and prove to them that nothing is impossible to him who believes! That everything becomes possible if we give ourselves the means to succeed, to achieve its objectives and even more!

At the same time, I create content for different brands and customers. (Photos, videos, short films, articles). My ever-growing community allows me to create and make available content to promote brands, projects, events, launches and bring my influences to brands.

In addition to this digital side, I have a contract with a modeling agency and I aspire to become an actor, through my productions to begin and in the future in the courts and feature films.

Finally, I am also a personal trainer on the Côte d’Azur. I coach home and away people wanting to achieve new sports goals!

Q: Was it always your dream to become a model and lifestyle influencer?

No, never. It has been a series of events that eventually made me a lifestyle influencer on the Côte d’Azur among others. I receive more and more messages thanking me each day! People who motivate themselves and see a positive personal future through my lifestyle, motivate me in return! I am very optimistic person. I see only the good side of things, even in negative moments, I always see the positive. That’s how we get bigger!

Q: You’re based in Monaco and Cannes. Why did you choose those cities and how do you like living there?

First time I visited Cannes was during the 66th International Film Festival. I had the opportunity to attend the screening of the film Gatsby with the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Leaving this cinema on the Croisette, I had the impression of being still in this film. Everything was excessive, feast, grandiose… And that day I told myself that I wanted to live in this city. In addition to that, it is a city that fits me well with all my plans at the moment. It’s a small town and everything is concentrated in one place. The living environment is just perfect for work and opportunities around the lifestyle. There are many professional events throughout the year. The beaches, the sun, the islands, the  nautical activities, the landscapes, the points of view, the rooftops, everything is there to spend a good time whatever the season.

Q: You attended the FIA Formula E championship recently. What do you think about the event and championship in general?

I attended the FIA ​​Formula E championship in Berlin last year at the tempelhof circuit. An incredible first experience alongside the Jaguar team. I think it’s a championship out of the ordinary, with an ecological aspect, very innovative and avant-garde. Each year, the
excitement around this event grows and more and more people go there!

Q: You filmed a video about yachting in Monaco. Do you like it? Which locations or destinations do you think are the best for this hobby?

Yachting is an integral part of the lifestyle of the French Riviera and Monaco – in addition to cars. I will also pass my boat license in a few weeks and hopefully thereafter, have my own boat at the port of Cannes. For the designations, you don’t have to sail very far to get your own piece of paradise. Just go off Cannes between the Lerins Islands to feel out of

Q: You understand watches very well, you’re kind of an expert in this field. Do you have any favorite brand, style or material of watches?

I love beautiful and luxury timepieces. I would not say that I am an expert but I will become one in some time. Having collaborated among other with large houses such as Tag Heuer, Zénith, Montblanc, Jaeger Lecoultre and others to come, I am inspired by this world of elitist manufacture which fascinates me and teaches me every day more and more!

Q: As you’re a well-known blogger, do brands and labels propose to you collaborations or promotion?

I am contacted by many brands and it makes me really happy, because the positive return on the quality of my work is always very positive. However I can not accept all proposals because I want to keep an editorial line that I like and what I want to share and talk about. I promote through my networks, a classy and elegant lifestyle typical for the French Riviera and therefore collaborates with brands and customers who correspond to this world of luxury.

Q: On your blog, you cover​ different lifestyle areas like restaurants, cars, events, fashion etc…, what’s like really on the top for you right now that you would like to recommend to our readers?

I would not say that there is one particular area to follow more than another. Everyone has different desires and needs and will find the inspiration and the theme that will please him in all of my universe.

Q: You shoot good quality short films as well, so you’re an actor too. How do you feel when shooting these films? Do you prepare everything on your own (screenplay, locations, scenery), or do you have team?

I had the idea to make short films by the end of the year 2017. Being present on Instagram for photos, on my digital magazine for articles, I wanted a platform for videos. So I created my Youtube channel and started producing short films with my film maker. I had this idea and this desire for quite some time and I started! I’m always in a hurry to start the next short film. When a client contacts me for the realization of a video, I take note of his requests and then write a basic scenario to present it to him. Then I discuss with my videoteam to see together what we can achieve so that the video is as qualitative as possible and the customer is the most satisfied! The quality of our work is our priority.

Q: What are your plans for the future? Any collaborations, and ambitions that you would like to share with us?

With the realization of my videos, I have more and more desire to become an actor. To play in short and feature films and enter this area of ​​acting that interests me more and more. Many other projects too but of course that still remains secret!