Japanese Dining Experience in Cherry Blossom Thicket of Central NYC

To catch the blooming of Japanese cherry blossoms is one in a lifetime experience. However quite difficult to spot without actually visiting Japan or any local Japanese garden during springtime. What if we told you that we knew about a place where you can get an authentic experience of a blooming Japanese garden while enjoying one of the finest Japanese specialties?

One of the luxurious franchises of Japanese Zuma restaurants decided to please its customers with a real and authentic ambiance of a Japanese garden. To bring their dining experience to a whole another level the Zuma restaurant in NYC collaborated on creating and designing of a cherry blossom flower installation with the famous florist Kimberly Perrone from Bloom Flowers.

The customer’s of the NYC Zuma restaurant get then from now except the exquisitely prepared meals a completely new and original dining experience in the midst of Japanese cherry blossom forest.

Zuma is definitely the place to visit in NYC and the current flower installation will for sure charm you as much as it charmed us. If you are looking for an authentic Japanese food experience you should not miss out on this place.