Timepieces, Jewelry, Art And Supercars. Bobby Yampolsky’s ECJ Luxe Is The Right Place For Anyone Who’s Looking For Luxury

Ferrari or Lamborghini placed in the middle of the store. Luxurious timepieces and jewelry right next to it. And outside supercar that catch attention of everyone who goes by.  This is Miami’s Palm Beach ECJ Luxe. Let us introduce you Bobby Yampolsky, an owner of ECJ Luxe Collections and his successful business.

Bobby Yampolsky understands what struggle means and thanks to his hard work he became very successful.

It might seem that Bobby Yampolsky life is just one big luxury. I might be true, but it also is about hard work.

“I’m the type of person that is not afraid to take risks. I would weigh up the risks and rewards, and as long as it makes sense financially, I’ll take a shot,” said Bobby Yampolsky in an interview for Secret Entourage network.

“You can’t be afraid to take risks in life – scared people doesn’t make any money. But I was also very fortunate to have a lot of people help me out along the way.”

One of them is with no doubt his father who used to work hard to make money by driving vegetable trucks and taxis and after a while, he found himself in the jewelry business. Bobby followed his father’s footsteps and today, he is a successful and ambitious entrepreneur, who invested a lot of hard work and time in the business he now has. The ECJ Luxe Collections is the right place to buy high-quality jewelry, timepieces, accessories, art or even cars.

This is what it looks like in ECJ Luxe’s boutique in Boca Raton.

But it wasn’t always so. It all started as a small 10×10 kiosk in Florida. In 1997, when Bobby was just nineteen years old, he became a proud owner (and also the youngest one) of store located in Palm Beach famous Worth Avenue.

Today, Bobby, along with his father Michael, owns and operates multiple East Coast Jewelry locations in Southern Florida. All thanks to hard work and dedication.