154 Countries Before the Launch Of ONN Network. Read All About The Rocket Start

ONN Network is a social media network that will hit the world like a storm. Premium ‘members only’ concept will change the way the world sees the internet and self-presentation.

Read more about the philosophy of ONN Network here.

We bring you an interview with the brain behind the project, the idea maker, and founder of ONN Network Peter Kianicka, who was kind to answer all our questions even before the launch.

Q: Wow. 154 countries even before the launch. That is amazing! Did you anticipate such a success?

I really did not expect people all over the world to be this engaged even before the official launch. It is a very positive number that assures us this social network is designed as a modern tool people were looking for. I think this is just a first step on our way to success. It offers a new option for people who expect something more than a simple social media network.

Q: What is the key to such success?

We invested a lot of time to introduce something new. We offer innovative functions but also provide nonstop service to our clients. People want to experience something new and unique and this is exactly what they will find in ONN Network.

Q: Could you tell us, how exactly ONN Network works?

It is about life philosophy, clear concept and most importantly – the service. Some of the features are being used for the first time ever. For example, we give our clients their own virtual space in ONN Magazine. This platform allows exclusive presentation and very effective target for the members and readers. I`m certain that people don`t want to read tabloids on daily basis. This way our clients can promote themselves and thus inspire and help others.

Q: The ONN Network has two applications. Tell us something more about them.

Basically, it’s one application that consists of premium membership and free membership. Free membership is for people who enjoy watching their idols and exceptional people. I am convinced that thanks to our growing base of partnerships and cooperations with people and companies we will be able to bring an exclusive content about extraordinary and talented people in sports, show business, fashion, management and also about VIP events.

Q: That all sounds great. How about the premium section?

It was created in a limited number of profiles. Specifically, there are 2,890 accounts to focus on millions of fans around the world. It is a unique opportunity. The member is presented to the fan base and is given space for presentation with the greatest effect in publicity. For these accounts, we offer a number of innovative features that are used for the first time on social networks in the world. These features serve for convenience, pleasure and especially the presentation. Basically, we are upgrading the concept of a social network to a new level.

Owner Dean Barhaim  – Start Point Exotics and Peter 

Q: Tell us about yourself. You created a network full of inspirational people. Who inspires you?

Everybody and everything. I’m very open to new things. There is a lot of greatness in the world and things that can change our lives and inspire us. you just have to look for it. What am I talking about? And that’s why I created ONN Network, so you don’t have to look for it too hard.

Q: How did the whole idea hit you? One morning you got up and it was there?

Yes, literally! Ok, to be exact, it was not in the morning but one day I got this idea and suddenly I saw the project quite clearly in my head as I want to do it during the development has changed something but nothing radical.

Q: You must fly a lot around the world. Were you in all 154 countries, or did your social network overtake you?

I have to say that the network has won. My job or if I can call it a dream job is about personal contact with people. So yes, I travel a lot for my work.

Peter Kianicka, Tim Morley & David Jakabovic

Q: Describe the person you think you will use the ONN Network.

Everybody who likes the positive information weighing in on themselves and the information that comes to us, that particular person is inspired and inspiring. It is for everyone who wants something more!

Q: Why should we become part of it?

Just as in all the changes we need to develop and move on to become part of them is to open up new possibilities and to be inspired to achieve our own goals if any small or large will be a great deal and people will start writing to us that through the social network they are did something extraordinary for their life, this is a simple formula why to become a part of our network.