Meet King Levi. Fashion Influencer And Designer Teaches The World How To Wear Colors

King Levi is a fashion guru known for his juicy color style. He composes retro fashion with brilliant modern touch. Here you can read what he has to say about himself, his style and already his dapper son.

Q: You are a fashionista and influencer and it is quite obvious that you love to wear colors. How would you describe your personal style?

My style is called Dapper Style. It is a men’s dress style usually characterized by suits, ties, leather shoes, and other chic, clothing. Dapper clothing often reflects a vintage, 60s styles, mimicking Mad Men’s Don Draper in everything from watch choice to pocket square. But, I do it in my own way, in a very modern way.

Q: What color is your favorite one?

I am known by Mr. 3 colors, I love playing with colors, I put my vibes, dreams, thoughts, and vision in the way I dress, and also like to challenge the traditional man. I can go from blue, brown, grey, orange, yellow, purple to pink, I love mix matching them.

Q: Many people (mostly in Europe and USA) wear only black, white and grey. What tips could you give them to start to incorporate some bright colors into their everyday wardrobe?

The most man should understand and take the opportunity of different seasons of the year (Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter), the colors change according to the season of the year and it’s also good for your moods. I love the vibe of the spring, the classy look of the winter and the freedom of summer. Just be creative in the way you dress, if vivid colors are a challenge to mix, check out different fashion blogs available including mine.

Q: Do you follow fashion trends?

I don´t follow trends because as a fashion influencer it limits my creativity. I am a trendsetter.

Q: How often and where do you shop for clothes?

I travel a lot, I always find something I live… And I also represent few brands that I act as an ambassador.

Q: Fashion designer Tom Ford says that true gentleman should not ever wear shorts in the city. Do you agree with him?

I am not sure about the wrongs and Rights of fashion, I just know is free and there always a room for creativity.

Q: Tell us something about your own business. How did you build it?

My entrepreneurial spirit led to investment in a relevant service in his area of activity, but little explored in the country: the fashion Agency, and created KLD Agency. Under KLD Agency I started different projects: Model Agency, National Fashion Event (Fancy Fashion Event) and my shoe and bag brand (VICIOUS). Fancy Fashion event was Inspired by the current World Trends, KLD Agency Team was determined to establish a branded event that would help promote African fashion, designers as well as other brands across the African continent while displaying sophisticated workmanship. In 2017 Fancy launched its first “Official fashion event.

Q: Do you have any work-life balance tips?

It´s really important for me to have some “me time” where I switch off from everything and everyone. Just to sit in a small coffee shop and observe the world around me. I love going to the gym, that’s another “me time” important of my day. I also find very important quality time with my family.

Q: Do you travel a lot? If so, where and could you recommend some place to visit in your country?

I am originally from Mozambique, that’s where my company is based, but I am currently based in Morocco, a country that I totally fell in love, the culture, the food, the colors, everything is phenomenal. I love Marrakesh, it’s an amazing city, very different from what I have seen around the World, Tanger is as well a beautiful city, but a must to visite City is Chefchaouen (The Blue Pearl), absolutely amazing little blue city.

Q: You have got over 40 thousand followers on Instagram. Could you tell us the key to your success?

I never really thought about success, I just kept giving to my follow my truth, my style, and my passion. With high quality and uniqueness.

Q: To be an influencer is a very serious job. What would you like to teach people who follow you?

A brand is always looking for someone that is unique, so, BE YOU. Be consistent, be strategic, be serious about what you do and most of all be creative all time.

Q: What do you do aside from being an influencer, what do you love to do?

I own a model Agency, I own my own brand and I own a fashion event in Mozambique and I am a project development consultant for UN.

Q: What (or who) inspires you most in life?

Everything inspires me, I am in constant learning.

Q: You have a little son who dresses just like you. Are you his role model or is he yours?

I play a huge role in his life, he loves fashion and I have seen some uniqueness already.

Q: Does he have his own Instagram already?

Yes… @Ianking.dapper! Go check it out!

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