Culinary Entrepreneur Miky Grendene Unveils the Essence of Dolce Vita to the East-Coast

When in Florida, one should definitely not miss out on a trip around Miami’s culinary hot spots. Particularly, the latest hit among the East-Coast based restaurants, the newly opened Italian gastronomic heaven, restaurant Casa Tua Cucina. The Casa Tua Cucina first opened its doors at the beginning of the year and ever since then the restaurant’s owner Miky Grendene had acclaimed a title of one of the best culinary entrepreneur’s on the East-Coast.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Miami’s most luxurious shopping destination at Saks Brickell City Centre. The location, however, is not the only grandiose feature of the restaurant because Casa Tua Tucina has a size of 18,000 square feet that makes it one of the biggest restaurants that had been ever opened in Miami.

The set up of the restaurant consists out of a dining area that can accommodate about 300 guests and a fresh market section where customers can find and purchase top-notch ingredients varying from hand-made products of the restaurant to exclusively imported Italian and Mediterranean merchandise.

One thing the restaurant’s owner Miky Grendene emphasizes as the reason behind the enormously fast success of Casa Tua Cucina is their focus on high-quality ingredients and presentation of a true culinary experience to the customers which is visible in every served meal.

Because of his passion for gastronomy, Miky Grendene decided to open Casa Tua Cucina as a follow-up to his already successful career of a hotelier. The restaurant is, therefore, an expansion of Miky’s business ventures of Casa Tua resort and restaurants which are based in Miami, Brickell, and Aspen (at least for now).

Miky finds his main inspiration and support in his wife Leticia with whom he found the real family happiness and who inspired him to abandon the real estate business and explore his true passion for cooking and entertaining. Together they lead culinary and entertainments business in Miami and are the ultimate business power couple on the East Coast.

Tua Cucina is a lifestyle that a true gourmand should definitely explore. Miky and Leticia’s passion for what they do is visible in every detail and aspect of their businesses. Entrepreneurs like them are an authentic inspiration and an example of how a business led by great minds can truly thrive. We cannot wait for future expansions that Miky will definitely have up his sleeve.